Future Business Enterprises

Samuel Okwampah Missions International (SOMI) will take up the following ventures within a 10-year period:

  1. Livestock Projects

  2. Food Crop Production

  3. Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services

  4. Office Space Rentals

  5. Food Crop Production

  6. Housing for full-time workers of the ministry

  7. Construct a 30000 capacity prayer auditorium

  8. Conference room with banquet halls

  9. Music Academy & Training School

Support to SOMI

To enhance the work of the Ministry which is currently running from the residence of the president, urgently needed are the following:

  1. Offices

  2. Office equipment, accessories and furniture

  3. Musical instruments and crusade equipments

  4. 28 seater crusade bus

  5. 30 plots of land at Oyibi